savor savour

americans spell weirdly


via Daily Prompt: Savor

At first I didn’t know what “savor” was.

Then I realised that it was the americanised version of “savour”

Did I google the word?


I’m from the weird island continent country in the Southern Hemisphere that uses British English.

We don’t have a British accent. We just write things the same way.

Our accent is what I like to call “lazy English”

We don’t emphasise the sound of ‘t’ or ‘r’ in words….Or is that the American accent?

I don’t even know.

Basically we don’t sound posh like the British. We sound uncivilised.

Probably because this country was a convict dumping ground for the British to start with.


One question: why is the American spelling different?

That is something I want to know but too lazy to Google.

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hourglass 231b

another post from daily prompt because I did nothing but sleep all day

walking advertisement

i’m sure it was unintentional XD

I got glasses today.

I’m not short-sighted like most of my asian friends. I’m part of the weird 20-30% of long-sighted asians.

Recently, I’ve been getting tremendous headaches and eyeball-aches. I went to the optometrist and I was “more long-sighted than before”. This explains the aches due to the strain of the eye.

So I got glasses.

Not at the store I work at. I swear I’m not a traitor. Just at some random store I happen to wander in and found someone to help me. It was a random Vietnamese lady you made me try on a bunch of frames on. We did settle on a frame we both liked.


I went to collect my glasses today.

I ended up leaving with my glasses in a case that has the name of the store printed on the surface of the case and the cleaning cloth.

I felt like a walking advertisement.

I swear I’m not a traitor.

I do plan to switch it out with the generic cases from the store I work at. Mainly because there’s no logo on it.


It was at that moment when I realised my pjs were on backwards…

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hourglass 231b

what is normal?

thoughts from customer observation

I work in an optical store and one thing that has crossed my mind is the definition of normal.

Today in particular a family came in and the son, early teenage years, needed glasses. He obviously wasn’t too keen on getting glasses.

His mum explained to him that what he sees as normal is not what other people see as normal. She recounted her own experiences on getting glasses and the difference it made. Before glasses, she wasn’t aware that she was short-sighted. She thought everyone saw the trees and grass the way she does. But after glasses, she was able to see individual leaves on the trees and each blade of grass.

This wasn’t something I thought a lot about because I have had 20/20 vision for most of my life and recently I was told I was long-sighted. That didn’t make much difference because I can see far and near regardless, I just need extra help with near vision to avoid my eye muscles tiring out and causing big headaches.

This is also the case with colour vision. A friend of mine recently found out he had a colour vision defect. This wasn’t brought to his attention until recently because he thought how he sees colour is how everyone else sees colour. He bought tinted glasses specifically for colour vision defects and was amazed by how vivid the colours appear. They seemed to “pop”. Watching him do colour vision tests is actually amazing and mind-boggling to see.

What is your perspective of the definition of “normal”?

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hourglass 231b

frozen yoghurt cravings…

i felt the need to freeze my organs

I’ve been craving frozen yoghurt for a while now.

Probably because there’s a frozen yoghurt place right next to the store I work at. Or it might be because it’s in the middle of winter and I felt the need to freeze my organs.

I was going to get frozen yoghurt yesterday but was distracted by the chocolate.

I didn’t today because my train happened to arrive on time and I didn’t want to wait for the next train. It was also getting dark.

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hourglass 231b


an introduction

a short introduction about me and why this blog came to be.

I am a university student.

I have a casual job in retail.

I practise martial arts.

I am an average person.

As cliche as this may sound, I suffer from depression and anxiety.

This was not something that was evident to be in the past. However, I did have a feeling something was off. Nothing in particular happened for me to end up in this state.

It just happened.

I have been told to take daily walks, take up past hobbies, continue with martial arts and to act the opposite of how I feel.

This blog is to document my life as I try to put everything back into place. I admit that it won’t be perfect. But it’s better than nothing.

I cannot guarantee that everything that I post in this blog will be about positive things. I know that this road won’t be smooth and I will not pretend that everything is going great when it’s not.

There will be moments when my brain is a complete disaster zone (especially during exam periods). There will be moments when I feel like I am the happiest I have ever been.

Overall, this blog will be an online documentation of my mental stuff.


signing out,
hourglass 231b