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americans spell weirdly


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At first I didn’t know what “savor” was.

Then I realised that it was the americanised version of “savour”

Did I google the word?


I’m from the weird island continent country in the Southern Hemisphere that uses British English.

We don’t have a British accent. We just write things the same way.

Our accent is what I like to call “lazy English”

We don’t emphasise the sound of ‘t’ or ‘r’ in words….Or is that the American accent?

I don’t even know.

Basically we don’t sound posh like the British. We sound uncivilised.

Probably because this country was a convict dumping ground for the British to start with.


One question: why is the American spelling different?

That is something I want to know but too lazy to Google.

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hourglass 231b

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tailoring to my own needs

mind ramble: individual needs

via Daily Prompt: Tailor

My brain functions differently to your brain.

I see things in a different perspective and will interpret them in my own way.

This is all shaped by our individual experiences.

Each unique experience in our lives makes us who we are today.

We were all born as humans. With different genes from our parents, different food consumed. But most of us were made following the identical process. Biology.

What makes me who I am today?

Is it my parent’s strict ways of disciplining me? The way I was brought up?

From what I hear, most people interpret me as a strong minded person. Also unemotional.

I think I just have more experience in hiding what I feel.

Not everyone’s parents would throw the nearest object at their child because they refuse to go swimming. (it was a bike)

I was able to complete 100 simple maths equations in 1 minute by the age of 5.

Addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and a combination of the four

I was labelled as the child with the neatest handwriting in my cohort when I started primary school. All my letters were equally spaced. Same height. Same size.

By the time I was 10 I was labelled as someone who might be able to go to med school.

But by that time my body was starting to burn out. I was getting high fevers and colds for nearly every important exam I had to sit.

By 15 I was unable to memorise facts and figures for exams. That was the time which I now label as one of my lowest periods.

My main message in this post is, not everyone is the same. We may be made through the same process called fertilisation but our environment and upbringing defines who we are and what we are capable of.

Everything must be tailored for each of our individual needs.

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hourglass 231b

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an introduction

a short introduction about me and why this blog came to be.

I am a university student.

I have a casual job in retail.

I practise martial arts.

I am an average person.

As cliche as this may sound, I suffer from depression and anxiety.

This was not something that was evident to be in the past. However, I did have a feeling something was off. Nothing in particular happened for me to end up in this state.

It just happened.

I have been told to take daily walks, take up past hobbies, continue with martial arts and to act the opposite of how I feel.

This blog is to document my life as I try to put everything back into place. I admit that it won’t be perfect. But it’s better than nothing.

I cannot guarantee that everything that I post in this blog will be about positive things. I know that this road won’t be smooth and I will not pretend that everything is going great when it’s not.

There will be moments when my brain is a complete disaster zone (especially during exam periods). There will be moments when I feel like I am the happiest I have ever been.

Overall, this blog will be an online documentation of my mental stuff.


signing out,
hourglass 231b