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americans spell weirdly


via Daily Prompt: Savor

At first I didn’t know what “savor” was.

Then I realised that it was the americanised version of “savour”

Did I google the word?


I’m from the weird island continent country in the Southern Hemisphere that uses British English.

We don’t have a British accent. We just write things the same way.

Our accent is what I like to call “lazy English”

We don’t emphasise the sound of ‘t’ or ‘r’ in words….Or is that the American accent?

I don’t even know.

Basically we don’t sound posh like the British. We sound uncivilised.

Probably because this country was a convict dumping ground for the British to start with.


One question: why is the American spelling different?

That is something I want to know but too lazy to Google.

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