walking advertisement

i’m sure it was unintentional XD


I got glasses today.

I’m not short-sighted like most of my asian friends. I’m part of the weird 20-30% of long-sighted asians.

Recently, I’ve been getting tremendous headaches and eyeball-aches. I went to the optometrist and I was “more long-sighted than before”. This explains the aches due to the strain of the eye.

So I got glasses.

Not at the store I work at. I swear I’m not a traitor. Just at some random store I happen to wander in and found someone to help me. It was a random Vietnamese lady you made me try on a bunch of frames on. We did settle on a frame we both liked.


I went to collect my glasses today.

I ended up leaving with my glasses in a case that has the name of the store printed on the surface of the case and the cleaning cloth.

I felt like a walking advertisement.

I swear I’m not a traitor.

I do plan to switch it out with the generic cases from the store I work at. Mainly because there’s no logo on it.


It was at that moment when I realised my pjs were on backwards…

signing out,
hourglass 231b